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High speed 1-needle 2-thread bag closing machine with auto-lubrication system


  • Max sewing speed 1900 r.p.m.
  • High speed obtained with low vibration.
  • Is designed to have long-range smooth performance with low vibration,and the latest innovation in trouble-free-bag-sewing technology.
  • Self-lubrication system protects moving parts and ensure maximum productivity with low maintenance.
  • Easily adaptable to your existing equipment, can use with standard two thread stitch or 1-thread stitch and stitch width is adjustable from 2 – 5 stitches per inch (7 – 12 mm).
  • For bag closing all kinds of paper, cotton, PP/PE, hessian, jute, etc.
  • Pneumatic Cutting Thread and Tape.


Model Speed Material thickness Stitch Stitch type
F900AC 1900 8 7-12 1-needle
Closure type Cutter type Tape cutter Air Pressure Air Consumption
Standard sew
Tape sew
Auto scissors style Auto scissors style 4 3.5
N.W. (kg) G.W. (kg)      
33 34

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