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Model:FACC-N980AC|Automatic Bag Closing with Conveyer


  • Automatic infeed and bag top trimming device for crepe-tape bound closure on paper bags.
    Applicable to factories of grains,feedstuff,chemical,coffee beans, and etc.
  • Photo-eletric start binding, stitching, paper tape snipping and thread cutting can be finished automatically.
  • Designed for automatic production line with auto-ration filling machine and conveyor.
  • Photo-Electric Start
  • Stop and Cutting
  • Pneumatic Cutting Thread and Crepe Tape.
  • Control Within 4 kg
  • Conveyor : N.W. 175kg, G.W. 315kg, L314 x W74 x H66 cm
  • Pedestals and Sewing Head (N980AC) : N.W. 300 kg G.W. 430 kg, L126 x W125 x H187 cm


Model Speed Stitch Needle Stitch System Closure Type Material Thickness
FACC-N980AC 500-600 r.m.p 7 – 11 mm DR x 2 #26 Double Chainstitch Pneumatic Thread/Tape 8 mm
Motor Height Adjustment Range Work Plate Size
3 PHASE/220V,
380V 1/2HP
720 – 120 mm 450 x 300mm


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