The more the economy grows, the greater the demand for packaging products. At this time, industrial equipment such as sewing machines is an indispensable tool in farms, businesses or companies producing farm produce, food and feed.

Types of industrial packaging machines

Industrial bag sewing machine as the name implies, used for packaging and sewing mouth covers helps preserve products, support transportation and storage easier. Packaging machine on the market today has many different types such as:

Hand-held sewing machine for small needs.
Industrial sewing machine.
Sewing machine 1 needle 1 thread.
Electric sewing machine.
Battery-powered sewing machine.
The sewing machine runs on oil.
Industrial sewing machine provided by VMA Co., Ltd.

Understanding the needs from the market, VMA Co., Ltd. provides customers with quality packaging equipment according to the appropriate production and packaging line. The equipment allows packaging a variety of materials such as feed, plastic, coffee, chemicals, flour …

VMA also replaces customers with future considerations. Therefore, the Company also provides more sewing machine parts, replacement accessories to help users replace when there is a failure.

In particular, VMA Co., Ltd. is also an official distributor of YAO Han Taiwan industrial sewing machine products in Vietnam. The products are absolutely committed to quality, preferential policy, attractive warranty program.

We always put the motto “Customer satisfaction is the success of VMA” to long-term cooperation, long-term commitment with customers. Products and services are the most optimal, working professionally with all your heart to get results as a measure of success.

VMA Co., Ltd. we hope that we can through the products of sewing machines and industrial parts to contribute to the success and development of each customer. We sincerely thank you for, has been and will continue to cooperate.

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