Portable Bag Closers Guide

What is a Portable Bag Closer?

Portable Bag Closer is a useful machine for industrial applications to sew bags made of cloth, paper, plastic, burlap, weeve, and other materials. Many industrial workplaces where there is a need of to pack materials for shipping and distribution. The machine boosts efficiency and reliability of the bags being distributed such as in food, pet, animal, agricultural and chemical sector. 

At VMA Company you will find an array of high-performance Portable Bag Closers at affordable prices. Read further to know how to choose the right Portable Closer and various important maintenance and features of a portable Bag packing machine.

Usage and Features of Portable Bag Closer

A Portable Bag Sewing Closer is a specially designed single-thread chain-stitch sewing machine for closing filled bags. The machine can be used to close bags filled with material such as cement, sugar, flour, fertilizer, plastic, etc. The bag material can be burlap, jute, woven plastic, etc.

The machines are dust proof due to its semi-closed structure. Its shell is made of aluminum alloy, the main parts are made of fine alloy steel, the easy-worn parts are put through special heat treatment. All these features ensure a strong and durable machine. The accessory motor has a complete closed structure to ensure normal operation under severe conditions. The hand-pressed oil pump can lubricate the main parts of the machine conveniently and in time.

How to keep up the performance of the Portable Bag Closer

1.Preparation for use

Before operating a new machine or a long-stored one, the dust and grease (if any) on the surface of the body and the parts should be cleaned off. Add drops of sewing machine oil. Before operating, press the oil pump 3-4 times. Then turn the pulley to check the synchronization of the machine, make trial sewing while adjusting. When satisfied, turn on the power.


The qualified needle must be straight in the body, sharp at its point, sleek both in eye and in slot, bright and non-rusty in surface.

3.Sewing Thread

The qualified thread must be sleek and strong enough.


Before beginning the work each time, add oil to the machine. Then add oil every four hours’ work. The dust should be cleaned off after work.

How to use a Portable Bag Closer: Operation and Adjustment

1)Needle Setting: 

Turn the pulley with hand until needle bar reaches its highest position, loosen the needle bar camping nut, and set needle in the bar as far as it may go.

2)Thread Tension: 

If the thread tension is not correct, adjust it by turning the thread tension nut. Turn thee nut clockwise for tighter tension and counter-clockwise for looser tension.

3)Pressure of Pressure Foot: 

When it is necessary to adjust the pressure of the pressure foot, take out the needle bar guard and loosen the screw of presser bar guide. Raise up the pressure bar guide to increase the pressure. After the adjustment, tighten the screw firmly.

4)Position of Feed Dog Teeth: 

Adjust feed dog teeth so that the height of them is 2.5 mm above the throat plate when the feed dog is at its highest position. The height of the feed dog is to be adjusted by regulating the feed dog support screw.

5)Position of Needle and Looper: 

Looper must pass the concave part of the needle with a clearance of 0.1 mm. Adjustment of the clearance can be done after loosening the screw of looper rocker. The looper point is 3 mm from the center of the needle when the looper is at the left limit position.

Tips to Troubleshoot Bag Closer for the maximum output

A Portable Bag Closer is quite easy to use. However, a user is expected to have a minimum knowledge to deal with the minor distractions which can be easily dealt with. Here are some of the common issues which you can easily troubleshoot in no time.

  1. Skipping stitches:
    1. Check whether the tension is suitable
    2. Check the needle, if worn or crooked, replace it.
  2. Thread Breakage:
    1. Adjust the tension properly
    2. Check and adjust the clearance between needle and looper.
  3. Poor Feeding:
    1. Check the feed dog teeth. If worn, replace them
    2. Check whether the pressure of pressure foot is suitable
  4. Counterweight:
    1. The weight of the bag closer can be counter-balanced by counterweight set in a special box. Vertical position can be adjusted as well.

Why to buy Portable Bag Closer at VMA Company?

VMA Company is a renowned name in the B2B e-commerce sector. The company provides with original Portable Bag Closure and offers 100% brand warranty. The company provides with various Portable Bag Closure with different specifications and features. Some of the top attributes of the Portable Bag Closure available on VMA Company include Lightweight, Aluminium Pressure Die casting body, Self-lubricating bushes and a large capacity oil pump.

So make sure you check out the range of Bag closure available online to choose the best one for your requirement. VMA Company offers exclusive discounts on branded Portable Bag Closure and you can also avail special discounted prices on bulk purchase. Besides Portable Bag Closure you will be delighted to know that Industrybuying assorts a wide range of Material handling and Packaging equipment.

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